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April 27, 2007



thanks for the honesty caroline... the biscuits, the dumb telly... oh boy i recognise those things. i try to stave off lard and gravity by religiously playing five-a-side football every friday... it works in part and is the only self-loving activity i've managed to keep going at.
i think part of it is that i enjoy it... it makes me feel well... maybe that's the key? i don't know, but i wonder whether some of the self denialists of past and present have it in their personality to kind of enjoy it.
i hope you either find a joy in this new way of trying to be, or you take up swimming or something fun. either way i wish you success... oh, and women are brilliant, all shapes and sizes! you're great! j:-)


Jon, I so agree with you about enjoyment. I've managed to keep off the chocolate and biscuits and eating between meals but I am also working at making sure that my diet is a delight and enjoyable - I'm not aiming at a grey food life just a healthier food life and one that is more under my 'self control' (one of the fruits of the spirit).

As to enjoyable activities, I did find it a bit tricky in the early evenings without any telly - with an academic job, reading some more in the evenings hasn't been hugely attractive or relaxing. So, I've decided to learn Cross-stitch and later in the summer I'm going to start learning the piano!

Oh yes, I plan to enjoy things, although I do miss chocolate every now and again... :-/


they all sound like good idea's. doing music professionally i often find it hard relaxing listening to it, but playing the piano, that always works... hope you enjoy the new experiences! :-)

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